1. "To be modern is to tear the soul out of every thing."
    — Yohji Yamamoto (via antevorta)

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  2. oni-with-an-iron-club:

    I cannot count the number of times I have given this message to my children. 

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  5. "“Want a great empire? Rule over yourself.”
    -Publius Syrus"
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  6. daysineuropa:

    "Aber es verhält sich wohl so, daß einem einzelnen Menschen in gewissen Augenblicken etwas von der Macht des Schicksals verliehen wird, so daß er gleichsam in Stellvertretung die Rolle des Schicksals übernehmen kann."
    - Robert Brasillach

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  8. Anonymous asked: I didn't realize the constant sin and devil referencing was an attempt at humour or an incessant need to jab at things you don't believe in. My misunderstanding, sorry.


    Ah, niiiiice. Incessant! Yeahya!

    I guess I’ll have to change the entire way I blog now.

    ….and don’t forget about all the people being able to actually joke on sins and still live a life with as least sins as possible.




  11. Hermann Hesse - Steppenwolf

    taken out of the movie Steppenwolf with Max von Sydow


  12. taken from Vikings - S02E08 - Boneless

    sorry for the poor quality, I’m just watching a stream :c



  14. irishnationalist:



    “Arguments don’t necessarily have to be backed up by professors or written papers. They can come from lived experience.


    "muh feelings"

    Whiny non-Whites need to shut up.

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    Fox kit pouncing! 

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